Younger Looking Skin
The anti-wrinkle treatment with neuromodulators relaxes muscle contractions. Injected directly into the skin’s surface, it is mainly used to reduce or prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. This non-invasive face treatment prevents and/or eliminates wrinkles, resulting in a youthful, smooth complexion. Smiling, frowning, squinting and other habitual facial expressions cause these wrinkles to become more prominent. Treatment on areas of concern are usually lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows (the “11” frown lines) and jutting from the corner of the eyes (crow’s feet), while other areas include lines on both sides of the nose (bunny nose) and on the neck. There is no suitable age to start using neuromodulators as an anti-aging treatment since wrinkles can appear before the age of 30. Patients in their mid to late 20s and early 30s are at a good age for such a preventative treatment. It is recommended to repeat the treatment every 4 to 6 months for maximum results.
anti-wrinkle therapy

The anti-wrinkle treatment at M.S.H Clinic is entirely a personalized procedure. Dr. Margarita Vergolia carefully examines facial expressions, identifies the points where the injections should be inserted, and designs a personalized plan with the goal of highlighting natural features without altering the facial structure. The amount of substance required varies according to the needs of each patient factoring in gender, age, area of the face and mobility. The result is a smooth wrinkle-free complexion and a firmer youthful appearance. The effect begins 48 hours after the injection and full results appear up to 10 days later, where a follow-up of the treatment takes place.