Urban Detox
Urban Detox
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WHAT IS Urban Detox

Free radicals, activated by factors such as UV rays, atmospheric pollution, stress and lack of sleep, are the cause of oxidative stress and serious cellular damage. This damage leads to signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and skin sagging. Dr. Margarita Vergolia's new Urban Detox signature treatment uses antioxidant products to protect the skin from oxidative stress and prevent signs of aging. The hydrating, anti-aging, and regenerative ingredients of the products penetrate deeply into the skin with the help of advanced equipment and specialized massage techniques, detoxifying skin and improving its brightness, firmness, and elasticity.

Urban Detox Massage

The treatment begins with deep cleansing using the state-of-the-art device TheraFace PRO™ and a light acid peeling to remove impurities and imperfections. Immediately afterward, a mask with antioxidant vitamin C and a cocktail of active ingredients tailored to your skin's needs is applied. While the mask remains on your face, you can enjoy a beneficial neck massage and pressotherapy with the advanced TheraBoots. Next, an enhanced soothing mask is used, whose effects are amplified by the microcurrents of the TheraFace PRO™ device for intensive firming. Urban Detox concludes with Dermalux™ LED phototherapy and the application of products that will protect your skin and restore its radiance.

Urban Detox Generic

The results of the signature treatment Urban Detox are spectacular! It provides deep and immediate hydration, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and restores firmness, elasticity, and radiance to the skin. Simultaneously, with its powerful antioxidant shield, it protects the skin from external and internal factors, helping it maintain its youthful appearance for a long time!