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For the first time, Skinceuticals has combined TECHNOLOGY + SCIENCE to deliver a personalized corrective plan that evolves with your skin. Skinceuticals Custom D•O•S•E is a professional in-office service that formulates personalized serums designed to address your unique skin concerns. 


custom dose


Dr. Margarita Vergolia brings customized skincare to the next level with CUSTOM D.O.S.E exclusively at M.S.H. 

For Dr. Vergolia skincare is all about personalization. Custom D.O.S.E is an in-clinic service that combines high-potency ingredients with professional expertise to create a personalised corrective serum - developed, measured and dispensed just for you.  


custom dose


Each Custom D.O.S.E begins with a consultation led by Dr. Margarita Vergolia and guided by the diagnostic tool. 

Your Custom D.O.S.E is personalized for your unique skin concerns.

Dr. Vergolia will work with you to develop your Custom D.O.S.E, optimize your existing routine and recommend complementary in-clinic aesthetic treatments.

custom dose


Through a professional assessment of your skin by Dr. Vergolia, more than 85,000 algorithms, 1,200 rotations per minute and more than 10 highly concentrated active ingredients, Custom D.O.S.E can improve your skin’s tone, texture, brightness and reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well as acne scarring. Your perfectly blended serum can be developed in just 10 minutes!